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Ebru Kemikkiran with registered health and exercise professional who holds the degree of Sport Science and Technology with over the 12 years'  experience in diagnosing and easing Sports Science the body flexibility and mobility issues. 

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Personal Trainer

Fitness / Pilates / Mobility Training

She prescribes and implements exercises and activities to reach your personal fitness goals,  increasing your posture correction, and  speed up your recovery after sports injuries and return to "normal" activities. Also to reduce surgical complications and improve your functional abilities before your surgery or return to routine. 

Senior Physiotherapy

Post Surgery Fitness and Wellness

Recovering from surgery. Everyone can benefit from treatments of exercise and rehab programs. Ebru Kemikkiran works collaboratively with your surgeon to decrease your pain, improve your mobility, restore your function and quality of your life.

Sports Nutrition Coach

Ebru Kemikkiran holds Sports Nutrition of her degree of Sport Science and Technology. In addition she holds nutrition and hydration certificate. She generates, assess and delivers scientific, evidence-based nutritional advice in a variety of settings to improve health and well-being and to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Sports Massage Therapy

To help relax your ailing and stretched muscles with the right massage therapy sessions.